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Published: 8 March 2012

Who Knew? It appears SharePoint professionals are the rebels of the industry! 

SharePoint security

Cryptzone conducted a survey at the UK SharePoint Saturday conference held in November 2011, the results outlined below are slightly concerning:

The study, discovered that while 92% of respondents understood that taking data out of SharePoint made it less secure, 30% were willing to take the risk stating they were "Not bothered if it helps me get the job done".

Oranges are not the only fruit. Choice in the ERP market

Anyone who has just has an “interesting” invoice or quote through from one of the big boys in the ERP space may like to browse this report, which outlines some of the other choices you have.

Big Blue’s Take on the Technology Trends for 2012

IBM identifies and explores the four key trends for the Technology market in 2012.

 Business analytics is the most adopted technology in the survey, showing the least adoption resistance as businesses struggle to automate processes and make sense of ever-increasing amounts of data.

Mobile computing is here to stay, and offers room for IT professional growth as more and more organizations build mobile applications. Globally, Android

emerged as the top platform for mobile application development; 70% of

respondents are expected to develop for the Android platform over the next 24 months, while 49% plan to develop for iOS.

Cloud computing offers new opportunities for technical professionals as

businesses are moving beyond saving costs with infrastructure and beginning to build applications to innovate in the cloud.

Social business adoption for business purposes varies by country, depending on the perception of security concerns and local acceptance of this technology.

And for those who prefer their trends slightly more edgy

Some 2012 predictions from Pete Cashmore at

Mashable founder Pete Cashmore predicts which trends we'll see more of next year.Led by Facebook, more social networks will offer automated sharing of users' Web activity.Companies such as Apple may use Siri-like voice control to replace the TV remote.

Nokia and Samsung may release phones with bendable displays in 2012.

Click here to follow the link to the web page

How does one accurately measure time? A guide for Professional Services Firms

Smart Web Parts have produced a guide to accurately capturing fee earner’s work.

"Increase Your Revenue with Time Capture: How Leaked Time Affects Your Bottom Line, and How to Fix It."

Download the whitepaper here  

Finally for those who would rather just let someone else have the headache:

Telstra & Neil Cameron Consulting have produced a definitive guide to outsourcing in the Legal IT sector.

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