Sports Direct – Time for HR to step up

Sports Direct – Time for HR to step up
Published: 8 September 2016

Sports Direct’s recent rather public naming and shaming – and unusually open AGM yesterday – has caught the media’s attention. The wholesale shift in its HR policy shows a strong voice is starting to come from the HR team there, but is it too little too late?

When the dust settles the company must follow through on its promises or risk creating an even more toxic business, from the warehouse aisles to the boardroom table.

Strong HR leaders are becoming an indispensable asset to the C-suite. Being able to show a chief executive, chair and board that your engaged workforce is making the business more profitable, and therefore creating a chunkier dividend at the end of the year, gets their undivided attention. Good leaders recognise that employees affect overall business performance.

In the case of Sports Direct the share price temporarily rose on the news that they were improving working conditions, much to the market’s surprise. This should give some comfort to the board and encourage it to be consistent and follow through on its promises...

Read the full article from Debbie Sutton, Managing Partner and Head of the HR Practice, on the HR Magazine website

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