Odgers Select & Best Companies LLP Senior HR Breakfast

Published: 28 June 2011

On Tuesday 28th June the Odgers Select HR Practice hosted an array of the UK’s top Human Resources leaders at The Soho Hotel for a tremendous breakfast presentation in association with Best Companies. Addressing the hot topic of Employee Engagement the audience enjoyed a fascinating presentation from Wayne Clarke Managing Partner, Best Companies LLP followed by some valuable networking and discussion amongst industry peers.

Wayne provoked much debate with a presentation which covered a wide array of insights gained from the Best Companies annual survey of more than 1000 companies. At the very heart of the presentation was an indisputable kernel of evidence outlining the long term results from organisational investment in effective leadership and its impact upon employee engagement.

Those businesses that aspire to be a ‘Best Company’ have a natural tendency to invest in their people and focus upon effective employee engagement. And as the saying goes ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’; over the last five years, the top ‘Best Companies’ have successfully outperformed the FTSE by a staggering amount. Clearly engaged leaders, deliver engaged work forces which in turn delivers positive results. Citing irreverent examples from the undeniable wisdom of Jack Welch, through to evidence of productivity improvements in the productivity from the Tunisian Energy at the height of civil unrest, Wayne evidenced the impact of visible, accountable, communicative leadership.

Critically for leadership and employee engagement to deliver results, it needs to be a long term commitment rather than an occasional sticking plaster. In a world where the average worker deals with a hundred emails a day, ‘quality time’ is often hard to find. An interesting perspective was offered in focusing time and attention to those things closest, and furthest away. Understand the link between your immediate team and the top leadership team or CEO. The Best Companies analysis has proven that those businesses with the most visible and accessible leadership are those with the highest employee engagement. And, those with the highest employee engagement are thriving even in these difficult times.

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