Grapevine Magazine

Published: 12 January 2012

Berwick Partners head of resourcing comments on what makes a good headhunter.

In the article “Where do headhunters come from?” published in Grapevine Magazine in January 2012, Melanie Donkin, head of resourcing at Berwick Partners says, “I can vouch for the fact that consultants can come from all walks of life and all types of experience. It seems to me that the best consultants have the ‘plate-spinning’ gene – the ability to sell, project manage and deliver multiple assignments without dropping the plate.”

“However, the old adage of ‘people buy people’ always springs to my mind, so at the end of the day the client may choose someone they feel they can work with rather than the best equipped or experienced person to do the job. And that’s much [more] difficult to identify,” says Melanie.

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