World Mental Health Day

Published: 19 October 2016

World Mental Health Day occurs annually for global mental health education, to raise awareness and for advocacy against social stigma. The event provides a global platform to increase community awareness of mental health issues and to educate people on the early signs of a mental health issue, so we can act early and fast.  Last week’s theme focussed on first aid and the support we can provide to those in distress.  The emphasis was psychological and social support; raising awareness of the care and support provisions available across the globe to give people the right level of support. There is no need to suffer in silence.

The theme each year is set by the World Federation for Mental Health, which is an international membership organisation that promotes mental health awareness, prevention of mental disorders and best recovery practices for interventions worldwide.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with Prince Harry were involved in raising the profile of World Mental Health Day this year. The royal trio attended a reception in London organised by Heads Together organisation - a mental health campaign led by The Royal Foundation in partnership with other charities.  The event recognised guests that have suffered psychological issues along with the people who have supported them. According to the Royal Central, the royals made an impassioned plea for society to recognise the proliferation of mental health problems, stating that the sooner everyone reaches out to help the better. By increasing awareness through World Mental Health Day, hopefully those most at risk will be encouraged and have the confidence to stand up and ask for support.

The attention from across the globe marks the growing importance of removing the stigma associated with mental health and promotes the vital work practitioners do every day.  Berwick Partners is committed to supporting mental health trusts as they continue to deliver quality services when faced with shrinking budgets. By working in collaboration with the senior leadership teams, we are able to successfully advise and appoint critical influencers that make a demonstrable impact across the mental health sector.

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