Women in recruitment leading the way!

Published: 29 October 2013

I read a recent article by Dame Mary Perkins, who as a Patron of Everywomen has championed women in business since 1999, which made me think about my own industry.

Dame Mary made the point that only 5% of Retail CEO’s are women. This is against the backdrop of women influencing 80% of consumer purchasing decisions. Sounds like someone is missing a trick somewhere doesn’t it?

Now most CEO appointments will involve a Headhunter. So does this mean our industry in inherently sexist?

I look around my company and over half of the Consultants and Partners are women. In fact, my female colleagues have superb emotional intelligence and excel in our industry.

The recruitment industry can receive mixed reviews. Sometimes this is justified, but in my experience my colleagues over the years have all been professional, hard- working and totally committed to delivering excellent service to their clients.

And to put a smile on Dame Marys face, over half of my professional, hardworking and committed colleagues are Women. So come on retailers, take note of how the sometimes maligned recruitment industry is leading by example - and let’s get more women to the top!

Paul Williams is a Consultant in the Retail Practice at Berwick Partners

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