Varying Healthcare Provisions

Published: 27 July 2016

There are clear differences in services delivered to patients in the NHS and private healthcare. In theory, the care each patient receives should be of the same high quality irrespective of the healthcare provider; as all employees within the healthcare sector work towards a common goal of ensuring high quality, patient focussed care. With this in mind, why are there obvious differences in each sector?  

One of the main observations is the clinical setting within private healthcare; the estates appear newer and are maintained to a higher standard, patients benefit from a private room and they offer wider treatments not available on the NHS, such as cosmetic surgery; the environment seems to be more appealing than that of an NHS hospital.  In addition, private healthcare waiting lists and times tend to be significantly reduced in comparison to the public sector, although NHS Trusts work tirelessly to reduce these, they deal with a sheer volume of complex health issues (including those admitted to A&E), significantly stretched budgets and a far greater demand on all services.  Another observation is the cost of treatment - the NHS provides free healthcare to residents at the point of delivery, whereas private healthcare can be quite costly.  Private healthcare has minimal scope to support lifesaving operations for its patients due to the limited clinical availability, equipment accessibility and restrictive theatre time due to pre-arranged patient appointments. Does this potentially limit the patient’s care should they require emergency medicine? 

Recruiting into each sector is very different too; typically individuals working in the NHS relish the opportunity to work in an environment where they can have a positive impact on the turnaround of pathways and services to enhance the patient journey.  In my experience, individuals working in private healthcare tend to want to work with organisations that are already on an upward trajectory.  

Whilst it is evident that there are clear differences in these healthcare provisions, it is apparent patient care is at the heart of each sector. It is important as an executive headhunter to understand the key differences within each provision to ensure we meet our clients individual needs. Our track record of success is 97%, which makes us one of the number one executive search firms for senior management healthcare recruitment across the UK. 

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