UK economic growth forecast upgraded by the British Chamber of Commerce – Quelle Surprise?!

Published: 18 September 2014

For those of us who work in the recruitment industry this will come as no surprise.  Our industry is one of the most accurate barometers of the economy, and at Berwick Partners we are experiencing a period of unparalleled growth.

Our business is booming because UK plc is booming. There will be lots of economic arguments and discussions as to why the economy is growing so well. However, as I work in an industry that is entirely based on people, there is one stand out factor in my eyes - the British are a nation of grafters! Recruitment businesses have regular contact with clients and candidates throughout the day, and the commitment and hours worked is clear for us to see.

Since the start of the recession we have been working harder and longer than ever before. Initially this was through fear of losing our jobs, or our companies going bust. Now however, we have moved out of survival mode, and are motivated by seeing the rewards of our labours.

I have lived and worked in Europe, and I genuinely believe few other countries could have worked as hard as we have during very challenging times.

I’m proud to be British; and the British are a nation of many things, but one of them is not work shy. So it comes as no surprise to anyone in the recruitment industry to see the BCC’s latest forecast. And long may it continue!

Paul Williams is a Consultant in the Retail practice at Berwick Partners 

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