The importance of ensuring your CV has the right impact

Published: 8 April 2015

Our CVs are more often than not an essential first step in securing that next important move – reflecting not only our career history and academic achievements but also a glimpse at our character. Therefore, rather than quickly updating an old version with just a few lines it is worth the investment spending a little more time to ensure the last update reflects the value you have added in what was possibly the most senior, well paid and influential role of your career to date.

Allowing a quickly updated version that still dedicates more space to a less important role you had five or ten years ago will not truly reflect your worth and progression or reflect well on your attention to detail and current focus.  Remember also to check that all subheadings and main content are in the same font and size to ensure it does not suggest a series of quick ill thought updates over the years.

Although time consuming it is a worthwhile investment making sure your CV goes on the ‘yes’ rather than ‘maybe’ pile.  In a competitive job market if the yes pile is good enough the employer/recruiter may not need to have a second round of interviews to consider the ‘maybes’ ?.  

Demonstrating where you have had an impact on a business and reflecting on what you enjoyed (or didn’t) will sharpen your mind and focus as to what is the right next move for you. Or possibly just give you that new enthusiasm and insight as to what habits you need to change to enjoy your role. Is it your current position that is stale or do you need to just revitalise your state of mind and direction?

Karen Haley is a specialist within the Consumer & Retail practice at Berwick Partners.

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