The demand for talent continues but supply struggles to keep pace

The demand for talent continues but supply struggles to keep pace
Published: 3 August 2018

A ‘supply shock’ of far fewer EU nationals coming into the UK is feeding into an already tightening labour market, increasing recruitment pressures for employers across the UK. The growth in talent supply is failing to keep pace with the demand, according to the latest quarterly Labour Market Outlook from the CIPD.

The report also suggests that the squeeze on skills is having an impact on many employers’ pay decisions. 53% of organisations experiencing difficulty recruiting have increased starting salaries in response, and 55% of organisations that have experienced retention challenges have also done so. All of which is set amongst a backdrop or record low levels of unemployment – 4.0% the lowest since February 1975. 

Therefore it should come as no real surprise to employers who want to successfully appoint the required talent to drive growth and further expand, that they will need to be pro-active and imaginative in their future recruitment campaigns.  They will also need to have a strong, transparent and candid relationship with a leading recruiter in the specific functional area and/or sector.

Berwick Partners can add invaluable expertise and access to a variety of networks to ensure we find you with the best person for the role. We are a market leader in recruiting senior leadership positions across both the private and public sectors regionally and nationally. We support organisations in making key appointments which have a critical impact upon their businesses’ future and success.

Simon Walton is a Partner and Head of the Consumer Practice at Berwick Partners.

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