The Changing Face of Private Equity … the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Published: 13 February 2015

Berwick Partners’ Consumer Practice, last week hosted an intimate round table discussion challenging a broad range of topics and perceptions within the Private Equity market. With Oliver Wyncoll, Partner at Bridges Ventures, previously Langholm Capital, as Guest Speaker the result was lively debate from a wide range of leaders within industry.

It was agreed by all, there was, is and will remain to be a place for PE funding.  However, the role and obligations of how PE firms operate needs to evolve as it has done in a number of cases already. Clearly the right partnership between the investors and the senior management teams can benefit speed of growth, shared learnings, and innovation. There was a definite belief that PE firms could be more proactive in their contribution to social responsibility and sustainable growth.

Others topics included the CEO/MD skill set required by mid-sized PE firms and the importance of due diligence from both sides - PE and management team. Investing time upfront and managing expectations will always deliver better results for all as many individuals shared.

Hosts from Berwick Partners were:

Richard Love, Managing Director

Simon Walton, Managing Partner, Consumer Practice

Alka Gandhi, Principal Consultant, Consumer Practice

Please do contact us if you would be interested in attending similar events in the future.

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