Technology Remains Front and Centre as a New Year Approaches.

Published: 18 December 2012

‘Moore’s Law’ generally marks the pace of change and innovation in the technology space. 2012 has seen the Cloud reach new, but not fully mature, highs. Collaboration and Content sharing/delivery remain deeply embedded in the moment. The continued simplification of complex legacy technology estates, coupled with a consolidation of core systems into common enterprise platforms, continues to drive the race to master ‘big data’.

In reviewing some of the wide variety of views from the tech ‘futurologists’ it would seem that technology is about to flip through 180 degrees. How? Right here right now think Search Engines. You go to it to find your answers. They are powerful (one is ubiquitous) and ready to serve. They are all about answering queries in the ‘now’.

Bind big data and the180 flip together and the natural outcome has to be that software will evolve to be more proactive and deliver service led outcomes. Combining with ever more ‘smart’ devices we will see real ‘concierge like’ services that anticipate and deliver services to the owner, rather than simply awaiting a query or an instruction.

The mobility mega-trend continues to propagate an ever dazzling array of smart devices we as consumers seek to utilise in every aspect of our lives.  These seem to be evolving in new directions too. The definition of flexible computing is becoming literal; bendy smart phones and embedded technology in clothing! While these feel a little removed from the demands of our immediate day to day life, the original i-pod was launched in 2001 and is now a fixture in so many homes.  All of these elements are driving the same theme – effortless and continual access.  Long described as ‘Martini’ computing; anytime, any place, anywhere.

On which note; ‘Cheers!’ and Merry Christmas. 2013 should be an exciting year for technology innovation, and those who can really drive the delivery of commercial value from it.

Matt Cockbill is a Partner specialising in IT leadership, and leads the Berwick Partners Technology & EMI Practices.

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