Maximising opportunities in an uncertain market. A few insights for employers and candidates within finance.

Published: 16 January 2017

In my blog last week 'uncertainty is the new certainty' I concluded that there is a cautiously confident feeling in the market in regards to recruiting new talent, and this is particularly true in the finance world. Nonetheless its worth reflecting on what you can do to position your business or yourself favourably to prospective employees/employers.


  • Investing in a bespoke and comprehensive role brief, rather than a recycled brief or list of bullet points, will set you apart from your competitors.  It should favourably detail the business (don’t assume that all candidates know why you are an employer of choice) and position the opportunity clearly whilst highlighting the impact it will have on the business.  
  • Explain the reason for the role and the progression that it offers.  I believe that transparency instils trust in the employer from the candidate.  On this note do not try to “low ball” candidates, for the one time it works it is likely to lead to many rejected offers and could damage your reputation.  
  • In the digital age more companies are able to offer flexibility and this is increasingly valued (and expected) by good candidates.  Don’t let inflexible working practices stifle your ability to attract today’s talent. 


  • Whether it’s tailoring your CV or communicating effectively at interview it is essential to ensure that you convey why you are the best candidate for the job..  Employers now more than ever want to ensure that their finances are secure and that robust financial planning and information will allow them to navigate the turbulent waters ahead.   Now is not the time to be shy and assume that your interviewer knows why you are good! 
  • Think strategically about building your career.  Should the axe fall and head count reduced those with a wider skill set will be more likely to retain their roles than those with narrow experience.  Similarly those who had demonstrated their ability to adapt will be looked on favourably.
  • Broaden your horizon. In a global world employers are increasingly looking for international experience. There seems no better time to take advantage of international opportunities that may come your way.    

Amy Parkinson is an Executive Search Consultant for Berwick Partners.  She specialises in appointing finance professionals throughout the UK and can be contacted at  

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