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Published: 25 February 2013

It is a sign of the times that more and more of our clients are asking us for HR candidates who can bring previous international experience.

Despite the negative economic climate, organisations are broadening their global platform, and it is therefore crucial that HR has an international mind set. Globalisation has become reality, and today a large proportion of businesses are either dealing with customers and suppliers internationally, or have their own international operations.

With the rise of emerging markets and the need for new revenue streams, there will be a continued swell in global worker mobility. The need for Human Resources professionals with international experience is now a prerequisite in most job descriptions.

Any international exposure you gain will:

  • Increase your standing by strengthening your personal creditability and marketability;
  • Show flexibility and the ability to step outside of your comfort zone as you adapt to diverse workplaces, whilst gaining an appreciation of other cultures and values;
  • Give you a greater understanding of the complexities and developments in international economies, as well as gaining exposure to different working regulations, rules of engagement and political nuances.

Gaining international experience is invaluable for future career development; it can accelerate promotion prospects, lead to enhanced reward packages, and it positions you well to take on more senior strategic HR roles.

In this current over populated market, if you have the opportunity to consider an international / overseas / expat assignment, I would highly recommend that you consider it with great seriousness.

Debbie Sutton, Partner & Head of HR Practice at Berwick Partners

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