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Getting under the skin of council housing companies Leadership Insights

Getting under the skin of council housing companies

This time last year, a Housing Today research piece showed that 58 councils had established housebuilding companies. At the same time, here at Berwick Partners,...

CV Writing Post-GDPR Leadership Insights

CV Writing Post-GDPR

As everyone is fully aware by now, the data protection regulations changed in May 2018, and ‘GDPR’ became one of the most frequently used acronyms of recent...

Smart City Thinking Leadership Insights

Smart City Thinking

Looking at this week’s MIPIM agenda you can see how increasingly thought as well as place leadership plays into a location’s narrative.

LinkedIn Recruiter Bashing Leadership Insights

LinkedIn Recruiter Bashing

Amidst the cries for LinkedIn not to become Facebook, and the occasional cat meme, there is a thriving new pass time; recruiter bashing.

Creative Hiring - Expect the Unexpected Leadership Insights

Creative Hiring - Expect the Unexpected

The new US President has no previous political experience, displayed a talent for breaking all conventions of electioneering, which has continued into...

Harnessing Transferable Skills Leadership Insights

Harnessing Transferable Skills

What makes you right for your job? Take a moment to think about it. Is it your experience or is it the skills you possess? The chances are it’s a combination of...

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