Attracting top talent in today’s market

Published: 23 December 2015

Organisations have previously enjoyed the ability to attract top talent, without too much difficulty. In the past this was due to a lack of jobs on the market and the ability for organisations to pay more than the competition. However, the job market has improved dramatically and the Government has announced the compulsory National Living Wage, resulting in companies now having to consider innovative ways of attracting top talent. 

Some FTSE organisations have been leading the way with innovative employee benefits. Netflix have their new parental leave policy, offering unlimited leave for new mothers and fathers in the first year after their child’s birth or adoption. IBM have also revealed plans to launch a service that allows working mothers to ship breast milk back home when they are travelling for business.

These benefits are obviously not suitable for all employers and therefore numerous companies are heavily focusing on their talent attraction and retention strategies. Employer branding is a crucial step in this strategy, particularly when looking to attract top talent and differentiate from the competition. It is important, however, to remember not only to focus on the external market but to also maintain this positive brand image internally. This ensures that the initial recruitment experience matches new joiners’ experiences during their first few weeks of working for a company and this will go some way to improving retention. 

We are seeing an increased number of clients asking us to search for experienced Talent Managers to define and implement their attraction and retention strategy. Having met a number of experts in this field, there have been a few common pointers mentioned that can help an organisation when looking to define their employer brand:

  • Look Internally – What are the thoughts of your existing employees? What attracted them to your organisation and what companies do they perceive to be excellent places to work?
  • Understand Your Values – Ensure you are aware of the company strategy and work with the existing employees and the senior management team to define realistic values.
  • Network – There are a number of opportunities to network both through face to face events and on various social media outlets. Speak to competitors regarding their approach and find out how they have defined their employer brand and values. 
  • Bring In The Experts – There are dedicated external consultancies and marketing agencies that focus on supporting organisations to interpret their employer brand and support with the communication strategy.
  • Utilise Your Marketing Team – they will help you think like them, after all branding is their forte!

If you would like to hear more in regards to Employer Branding or would like to discuss the current HR market more broadly please contact Leanne Adair, Consultant, HR Practice on 0161 498 3412 or

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