Approach your job search like you would a full time job

Published: 31 October 2014

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being made redundant, don’t panic. Through adversity comes opportunity, although it might seem hard to believe in this at the time. It may well have been some time since you found yourself looking for a new position and perhaps your out of touch with your industry, recruitment contacts and unfamiliar with the impact of social media sites like LinkedIn and how they will play a part in your job search.

The world of recruitment has certainly changed over the past ten years with paper based job advertising almost extinct, being replaced by a plethora of online job boards. Amongst these you will find generalist ones and also niche functional specific ones which will be more tailored to your specific discipline.

Ensure you have an online presence with LinkedIn being the most dominant player within the UK market. If you already have a profile ensure it is complete, which ensures you come further up the search rankings and ensure that your skills and experience are visible on your profile so you can be found. Also ensure you use key words in your description and profile to ensure you are maximising your chance of being found.

Get your CV up-to-date and confirm your dates, facts and figures are all accurate. You could also have a couple of versions of your CV to ensure you are tailoring your skills to match the job you are applying for.

So, with your CV up to-date, your Linkedin profile looking shiny and new, and having registered with a few expert recruiters in your field you can now relax, put the kettle on and sit beside your phone and laptop and wait for the offers to come flooding in – Wrong! This is just the start…

We live in an ever increasingly competitive world, and having gone through some tough economic times, many good people have found themselves in this same situation. Those who have succeeded in getting back into work quickly and more often than not, in a better position than they left, have approached their job search with the same vigour, determination and positive attitude they have at work.

Schedule your days and ensure you have a plan of attack; register for job alerts on various job boards, keep in touch with industry related news via the web, keep in touch with your recruitment contacts, and ensure you leave sufficient time to research and prepare for any upcoming interviews. All of this will keep you busy and motivated – there is nothing worse than waiting for the phone to ring.

Your best route to market despite all the technological advances would be to find and build a relationship with a recruitment industry expert in your field. Don’t view this is a short term relationship though; but view this as a long term partnership to be maintained throughout your career. Your industry expert will be able to give you valuable insight into the market and enable you to have a sounding board to ensure your career is heading in the right direction, in addition to introducing you to roles which are not always advertised.

The economy is certainly recovering, so keep positive – there are some amazing opportunities out there. Don’t become despondent if you struggle initially; you might just be a bit rusty at interviewing– you are being thrown into a pressurised environment and will understandably be nervous. The old adage of practice makes perfect rings true when it comes to interviewing as you can start to refine your answers and anticipate some of the frequent questions you are likely to be asked.  Above all else remain positive and keep this positivity front of mind particularly during the interview.

Your ideal job is out there! You may well look back in five to 10 years’ time and be strangely grateful for the situation you found yourself in; without it you may well still be at the same company doing the exact same job.

Richard Guest is a Consultant specialising in Procurement & Supply Chain recruitment at Berwick Partners.

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