And the winner is……

Published: 29 July 2015

And the winner is……

Having just booked tickets to attend the annual CIPS Supply Management Awards in September, it left me wondering how many procurement teams actually value the awards and set out to win one as an aspirational goal for the function.

The evening is a great celebration for the profession; always well organised, well attended with over 1,000 people present and an enjoyable and valuable event. It represents a great opportunity to network with old and new contacts, catch up with old colleagues and offers those shortlisted for an award a great team building evening, particularly for the winners.

The benefits of being shortlisted or actually winning an award can be numerous, including:

  • Raising the profile of the procurement function internally.
  • Using the associated PR as a tool to help recruit external talent into the team.
  • Having the ability to use the logo on email signatures and material etc.
  • A good accolade for your CV.

However there are also pitfalls to be wary of:

  • Gathering the necessary evidence and documents to support your submission can be lengthy and time consuming.
  • Deciding on which awards and category to enter also needs careful consideration.
  • Are the awards truly valued?
  • Will it have a negative impact on the team if you don’t win?

I am also aware that several organisations deliberately steer clear of the awards as they can lead to an increase in external interest in their procurement team should they succeed in winning. The obvious winners on the night are those that win the individual awards, particularly the ‘Young Procurement Professional of the Year’ who will undoubtedly witness an immediate flurry of interest from colleagues across my industry.

In balance though entering these and other industry awards are always beneficial to the team, business and profession in general. There aren’t too many opportunities throughout the year to reward and celebrate success. Whilst the winners will I’m sure enjoy a long and merry evening, those who were shortlisted and miss out should also reflect and look how far they have come in their journey.

I’m already looking forward to the event and wish all those shortlisted for an award all the very best of luck.

Richard Guest is a specialist recruiter with the Supply Chain and Procurement Practice at Berwick Partners

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