Published: 20 March 2014

By popular demand we hosted another evening with Wayne Clarke (One of HR Magazine’s most influential and former Sunday Times Best Companies). Oversubscribed (yet again) the evening produced lively debate and some genuinely inspiring stories from Wayne around the ‘Challenge of Engagement’. There was a cross section of businesses through retail, leisure, media, consumer and service organisations and of varying sizes from 450 to 40,000 employees.

Overwhelmingly the theme of the evening was that the greatest influence on workplace engagement is the impact of good leadership, not just the senior management team, but across all layers.

Organisations have traditionally operated in a pyramid with a command and control environment, however when pressed on what the one thing good leaders to do drive engagement, Wayne’s response was that the attitude of a Manager to serve and support their team, rather than act as a Dictator was crucial. The best leaders that he has seen understand that their role is to get the most out of their teams by supporting them and giving them the tools they require to perform well, not seeing the team as serving them.

The ability to inspire and engage your team will be what delivers results. Communication is no longer just a good soft skill to have but also a key business driver. It is an essential motivator of people and as Wayne has seen – throughout his dealings with more than 250 CEOs and Boards of international and global companies – it is a key engagement tool and what top performing companies have in abundance.

Inspirational communication not only engages and retains your workforce but also customers and key stakeholders, and what Wayne is successfully able to evidence is that leaders who get this right, will often be heading organisations that are typically outperforming their competitors and often the FTSE 100 Index. Wayne has evidence that proves that an engaged workforce is also a more profitable one.

Wayne has agreed to host another evening with us – our next event will be in Leeds in June. If you would be interested in attending and you currently hold a leadership position in an HR function, don’t hesitate to contact Debbie Sutton, the Head of the Berwick Partners HR Practice. Alternatively you can contact Wayne via if you wish to work with him directly.

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