A “Very British Problem” indeed!

Published: 28 July 2016

It’s charity bake-off day in the office and over a balanced lunch of cake with a side serving of cake I browsed my usual social media feeds. In amongst the usual mix of ‘stuff’ was a post from “Very British Problems” which read; “Thinking a CV is an appropriate place to be self-deprecating.”

It is a peculiarly British condition and it’s rife! While a CV ought not to be a full-on high pressure sale of you, it is your platform to showcase your accomplishments. Of course remove the banal. Then really focus upon outcomes and achievements over and above responsibilities. Think bullet points not essays and in each time boxed part of your CV be clear on what achievements you specifically want people to know about. 

Break each point into; what you delivered or in other words the achievement. Then what evidences this achievement, i.e. the measurable business upside (operational or commercial) that you brought about. And finally, simply note anything remarkable or innovative in how you accomplished this result, rather than the full cover to cover of the Haynes manual.

It’s no time to be bashful. At the point you begin to feel uncomfortable about the content being too pushy or salesy about your accomplishments, you are probably only just beginning to actively sell your achievements. Have a browse of our blogs for more advice on getting your CV in shape.

Matt Cockbill is a Managing Partner at Berwick Partners

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