A Sense of Loss, by Matt Cockbill, Partner & Head of Technology Practice

Published: 21 October 2011

Now at the risk of being unsympathetic this blog entry is not focused upon the untimely and sad demise of Steve Jobs. Without wishing to add to the hyperbole, look around your home, office, briefcase or handbag; there are very few of you who aren’t able to reach out and handle a piece of his legacy. Gone, but near omnipresent and far from forgotten.

Enough has been said on that subject. This is a small bon mot on the subject of last weeks black-out. Or should that be ‘blackberry-out’? In what is clearly a symptom of age, a large chunk of EMEA wide communication had to revert to something less instantaneous; returning to the desktop to send an email, or simply dialling a number and talking! Many studies have been done about the obsessive nature of smart-phone users and the detrimental impact of always on and instantaneous communications upon family and social relationships.

Amidst the consternation and posturing around this topic the obvious irony is that the service blackout stymied the use of email, forcing people to communicate properly, directly, and clearly. Unable to ping of a quick email folk had to exercise discretion, thought and care in communication. It may be a touch old fashioned but these are all positives in my view. With other smart-phone services unaffected, perhaps the late Mr Jobs did have the last laugh?

Last week saw us host our Berwick Partners & Odgers Berndtson Autumn term CIO Cocktail Evening. A goodly collection of UK CIO’s and IT leaders had another enjoyable and voluble evenings discussion and networking, denting the Odgers cellar stocks in the usual manner. For those who forgot to RSVP we assume it was a Blackberry issue, either that or in lieu of checking your blackberry you were caught in unexpected conversation with your partner/ colleagues/ children?! Thank you to the many who attended, and we look forward to seeing you at the next one in the Spring.

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