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Benchmarking? Forget Job Titles. Be Flexible Leadership Insights

Benchmarking? Forget Job Titles. Be Flexible

Spare a thought for Housing Associations. They don’t have it easy.

Leadership Insights

“What’s a Housing Association?” In 2 Tweets or Less

The Housing sector, like any other, is awash with its own buzzwords. Social hearted, commercially minded, value for money etc. These all sound great, but in my...

Leadership Insights

It’s not you, it’s us – The lack of commercial hires in Housing and what to do about it

“Ideally we’d like someone from out of sector”. An enduring request at the briefing stages of many an assignment in Housing. Never more so than in a property...

LinkedIn Recruiter Bashing Leadership Insights

LinkedIn Recruiter Bashing

Amidst the cries for LinkedIn not to become Facebook, and the occasional cat meme, there is a thriving new pass time; recruiter bashing.

Creative Hiring - Expect the Unexpected Leadership Insights

Creative Hiring - Expect the Unexpected

The new US President has no previous political experience, displayed a talent for breaking all conventions of electioneering, which has continued into...

Harnessing Transferable Skills Leadership Insights

Harnessing Transferable Skills

What makes you right for your job? Take a moment to think about it. Is it your experience or is it the skills you possess? The chances are it’s a combination of...

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