MIPIM, the world’s largest real estate expo, is on this week and presents a significant opportunity for public sector and placemaking leaders to highlight a destinations’ potential and capture investor attention. Yet, to be truly effective, mayors, ministers, ambassadors and those at the forefront of high-level discussions must also have the people-power behind them to recognise, react to and capitalise on investor interest. Marek Dobrowolski gives his opinion on how to maximise opportunities at MIPIM in the MJ.

Categories: Government Recruitment, Real Estate Recruitment

Matt Cockbill discusses how Senior IT leaders can dispel any fears (and/or misconceptions) across their organisations in Information Age publication.

Categories: IT & Digital Leadership Recruitment

As part of the panel at Inside Housing’s Customer Experience Conference in London this week, Tom Neely enjoyed being involved in the interesting discussion around the changing world of customer service.

Categories: Housing Recruitment

While some CEOs and leaders may lack the level of experience or understanding in areas such as digital, IT, marketing and HR when it comes to omnichannel application – they should look to assess the talent around them. Claire Stewart discusses the importance of full buy-in from the very top of a company when it comes to the success of a omnichannel strategy in Retail Sector.

Categories: Consumer & FMCG Recruitment

The Unilever buyout of healthy food snack firm Graze is yet another example of big FMCG heavyweights taking on smaller challenger brands to drive expansion, harness innovation and diversify into 'fashionable' growing markets and consumer trends – spanning health, socially-conscious, purpose-driven and subscription-based services. 

Categories: Consumer & FMCG Recruitment

The Evolution of Job Titles in HR

The Evolution of Job Titles in HR

Author: Jane Firth Date: 07 Feb 2019 Type: Insight

There has been a real evolution of job titles in recent years. Language constantly evolves, so why shouldn’t it do so when it comes to the HR industry, and when did HR become a dirty word?

Categories: Human Resources Recruitment

What makes a true strategic HR Business Partner?

What makes a true strategic HR Business Partner?

Author: Amelia Black Date: 31 Jan 2019 Type: Insight

When recruiting for HR Business Partners, and going through their list of requirements, many clients will ask for someone who is “truly strategic”. Although on the surface this is simple enough to understand, I thought it was worth exploring what this actually means for both candidates and recruiters.

Categories: Human Resources Recruitment

The Future of Executive Search

Date: 22 Jan 2019 Type: Insight

As the impact of technology sweeps through the recruitment and executive search industries, what are firms doing to look beyond the numbers and deliver transformative talent?

Categories: Life Sciences Recruitment

With flexible working front of mind for HR, job sharing at leadership level is on the rise.

Categories: Charity Recruitment

Over the last 12 months, we’ve worked with in excess of 300 different companies, successfully recruiting senior leaders or high potential leadership hires. In almost every instance, discussions turn to the shifting paradigm of employee expectations, fuelling a need for many companies to invest in their Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Kathryn Gallan interviewed some of our clients and gave their view on this fascinating topic in HR Grapevine.

Categories: IT & Digital Leadership Recruitment, Retail Recruitment

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