Perspectives on Water, Roundtable Review Creating a Sustainable and Customer-Focused Water Sector

Perspectives on Water, Roundtable Review Creating a Sustainable and Customer-Focused Water Sector
Published: 13 October 2014

On 7th October, Berwick Partners hosted a lunch event at our Cannon Street offices, which was attended by a diverse group of CEO’s and senior leaders in the Water sector. Our guests included suppliers, Government, water and wastewater treatment companies and a number of global consultancy firms, which contributed to a lively and insightful debate.

The event was timely in that we, and the industry as a whole, are rightly seeing significant change as it gears up for competition and delivers its new retail market in 2017. The industry has achieved a great deal over the last 20 years and can be considered a world leader. However, new and on-going challenges of increasing quality standards, meeting ever demanding customer expectations and keeping prices down means that the next 50 years will be very different. Emphasized throughout the lunch was the need for structure, innovation and strong leadership. All of which will be key to enabling the industry to anticipate, manage and respond better to the challenges it faces.

The discussion points also included; the creation of B2B retail businesses and the learning curves that can be taken from other sectors, the need for experienced leaders from outside of the sector to create and manage these retail businesses, learnings from the Scottish market, long term impacts, costs and benefits to competition, innovation, the need for investment, reforming of systems and customer service and the effects to the broader supply chain. These topics in themselves caused some healthy debate but overall there was a positive feeling as ‘Water’ gets ready for the next 25 years.

Berwick Partners are thought leaders in the both the Water and Energy sectors, holding regular leadership events that bring together key figures from the industry. We have a clear understanding of the type of market intelligence and talent that will add significant value to our client organisations, with in-depth knowledge of regional and local talent networks.

For further details about our Energy and Utilities practice or to be included in future events, please contact our specialists Amy Speake and Victoria Jordan.

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