Finance Leadership Dinner - Leeds

Finance Leadership Dinner - Leeds
Published: 29 November 2017

On Wednesday 22nd November we hosted an intimate dinner for Finance Directors at Angelica’s in Leeds.  Finance leaders from leading Yorkshire and North East businesses joined us in a Chatham House Rules discussion to share their challenges and collaborate on solutions.

Businesses from a wide range of sectors including energy and power, gaming, retail, manufacturing, financial services, distribution and the NHS were represented.  Despite the range of industries it was clear that these businesses are facing common challenges, and there were key learning points that could be shared and applied across the sectors. 

Technology is both a friend and foe to businesses, with many companies exploring new ways to interact with and engage with their customers.  However the threat of attacks remains a constant threat, with the best approach seeming not to be “the weakest link”.  Businesses are committed to innovation but feel that a united strategy spanning both government and businesses would be preferable to the fragmented approach currently offered.  Engaging and retaining talent in the millennial workforce was discussed, with many businesses debating how to grow talent internally and adapt to a more fluid workforce.  Despite March 2019 edging ever closer no business had a clear Brexit strategy, there are too many unknowns for companies to plan effectively.

We would like to thank our guests for providing the contribution and challenge that made for a lively and engaging conversation with some valuable takeaways and new connections for their networks. 

If you would like to attend future Berwick Partners' round table Finance Leadership dinners please contact Amy Parkinson 

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