Child Maintenance & Enforcement Commission, 100+ Roles

Child Maintenance & Enforcement Commission, 100+ Roles
Published: 29 June 2011

We were initially appointed to work with the officials in the DWP, Child Support Agency and the newly formed CMEC at a time when only the Chair, Chief Executive and main board had been appointed. The officials involved were located over a number of sites across the country. Our challenge was to recruit their entire senior management team, across all disciplines such as: Finance, HR, Change, Communications against challenging and varying timescales. We successfully launched (went live with) all 17 appointments within one week of the original briefing. During this time we were required to: meet with all of the relevant hiring managers (board members), develop each candidate brief, write and place the multiple adverts, map the relevant markets and commence the search.

Capacity issues on the client side meant that we had to flex the timescales for selection (longlisting, shortlisting & assessment), bringing some forward and pushing back others, based on the diary availability and capacity of the board member in question. This required significant flexibility on our side. The dedicated project lead at all times maintained oversight of the progress and timescales of each of the roles, and was therefore able to respond quickly to any changes, up-scaling resource where required and maintaining constant communication with the myriad of client stakeholders, across the three organisations. The client requested that the relevant MIS be collated and formatted in a number of ways; this required us to tailor our standard reports according to the wishes of the client stakeholder involved.

In terms of quality; all 17 roles were appointed first time, within a ten week period. 94% of the appointed candidates remain in post 18 months later. We were subsequently awarded a further 49 roles by the client as a result of the confidence we had had instilled with regards to our ability to deliver and the quality of service we had provided.

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