Futureproofing hospitality & leisure through digital adoption

Futureproofing hospitality & leisure through digital adoption
Published: 12 November 2020

In the world of hospitality, the location of a site was one of the most important drivers of success and in many cases, it allowed convenience to dictate success. However, in the wake of COVID, location is no longer the driver it once was and the need for digital innovation is critical.

The travel industry was turned upside down by the mass adoption of the internet and the emergence of digital-only providers - and has the battle scars to prove it. Successful, long-standing industry player TUI has invested heavily in digital innovation, to remain relevant and decrease their reliance on high-street travel stores.

Whilst the hospitality industry is striving to harness data and digital solutions to enhance offline sales (high tech, high touch!), as well as explore new revenue streams, the learnings and challenges of TUI are hugely relevant.

Therefore, Kathryn Gill was delighted to speak with Katie McAlister, Chief Marketing Officer at TUI about their highly successful digital journey. Watch below.

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