Berwick @Home - Week 5

Berwick @Home - Week 5
Published: 20 April 2020

As we begin week six of working from home I begin to wonder if there are many other parents out there considering a name change? I love my kids but there are way too many ‘Muuuuuuuuuuum’s’ being used!

In all seriousness combining home schooling for a nine-year old and a four-year old whilst working full-time hours has been a challenge for both myself and my husband. Like many other households, the key to our working day has been structure –and I feel we’re getting there now. I am a big advocate for routine, thus adjusting to working from home has been an eye opener which admittedly began with a situation resembling a rabbit in headlights.

In weeks two and three I was finding my emotions were really at two extremes; I was feeling quite rested from no commuting or travelling, mixed in with moments of anxiousness, stress and tension. Again, I think that finding a ‘new normal’ has helped to level those emotions out; everyone will have a ‘new normal’ that is individual to them and their circumstances.

At Berwick Partners we have embraced online technology which has enabled us to interact face-to-face as much as we can with colleagues, clients and candidates – all of which have been vitally important to my routine, my mental health and my work. We have, as a business, set up online discussion forums for our clients to share learnings and ideas on what others are doing. These have been very popular across all sectors and functions. Who knows, they may become a future staple when we adapt back to working from our offices.

Video calls are clearly a great way for us to engage with the outside world through this period and letting clients know we are still operating ‘business as normal’, they are also proving a vital way for us to remain connected to our colleagues and maintaining our culture. Thus, keeping us engaged and in-action both internally and externally.

Reflecting on my opening comments, am I a bad parent for ‘forgetting’ it was officially the school holidays and maintaining our home-schooling daily structure?!

For more information, please contact Hannah Wade who is an Associate Partner in the Not for Profit practice.

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