Berwick @Home - Seeing the positive

Berwick @Home - Seeing the positive
Published: 25 March 2020

As we enter a period of great uncertainty, the rhythm of normal life is changing, and will no doubt change even more in the weeks and months ahead.

Will this time of change shape the way we work going forward, and if so, how? Will we ever see a return to the ‘old’ ways of working? Assuming technology can cope, remote working and different ways of interacting such as Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Zoom are replacing the traditional face-to-face meetings. Our business, like many others, has had to enforce working from home; however, having these tools available has meant that we are able to have constant communication with colleagues, and in some ways more communication! This may change over time as things settle down, but it is interesting to see how people are coping with the changes.

As a business, we were very proactive in ensuring we had the systems and strategies in place to be able to deal with the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Our IT systems were stress-tested early on and we had ‘dress rehearsals’ to ensure that our technology could cope. Now, working from home is the new norm. Yes, we may all be spread out across the country, and we may miss the face-to-face contact, but what is important is to ensure that the culture and ‘feel’ of the business remain strong.

As with any business going through change, it can’t be done without everyone working together and pulling in the same direction. Maybe this period of uncertainty will draw teams closer together, encouraging sparks of ingenuity and inspiration which will strengthen businesses going forward, changing the world in which we live. As we begin to realise that things can work perfectly well by not travelling into the office every day, or having face-to-face interviews and meetings, could this new way of working have a wider impact? Fewer commuters and the reduced numbers of cars on the roads will mean less pollution – surely a good thing for the environment. With enforced working from home, will we get to see more of our neighbours? There are already some fantastic stories of businesses and wider communities pulling together and individuals going above and beyond to reach out to those in need. We need to harness the positives, ensuring we bring these forward into both our business and personal lives so that we can benefit from this learning once life starts to return to ‘normal’.

At Berwick Partners, we are continuing to work closely with our clients and candidates during these uncertain times. Being flexible and understanding as priorities shift is paramount, and we are committed to doing that. We’re helping candidates to think about what their next move might be and how to strengthen their CVs, whilst working with our clients to ensure they are able to appoint to the key roles which will drive the economy going forward.

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