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Working in executive recruitment gives us a unique vantage point.  Our close involvement in such a diverse range of sectors enables us to offer interesting insights and asides.  The information contained in this part of our site is constantly updated.

Trends in HR technology

Trends in HR technology

Author: Amelia Black Date: 01 May 2019 Type: Leadership Insights

Recent years have been highly disruptive in the HR technology space, with the next few looking to be even more transformative. Technology within HR has been adopted by many different types of organisation, from large management consulting firms at the forefront, to smaller tech start-ups looking at this area as a priority. We have seen businesses continue to move their HR systems to the cloud and employ more AI-driven technologies to automate communications.

Categories: Human Resources Recruitment

The role of chief data officer (CDO) has been growing in prominence over the last few years, and with it has come a lot of interest – new conferences tailored specifically for CDOs, questions surrounding what makes the perfect CDO, and of course, how the CDO’s role works in tandem with exciting new technologies like AI and machine learning.

Categories: IT & Digital Leadership Recruitment

The landed estate operates as a distinct breed of family office, and with this comes a unique set of challenges and opportunities for leadership. Ben Ingram discusses this further in Campden FB.

Categories: Real Estate Recruitment

Evolving Senior Leadership for the Evolving Customer Journey

Evolving Senior Leadership for the Evolving Customer Journey

Author: Tom Neely Date: 03 Apr 2019 Type: Leadership Insights

Housing associations which are embracing change and creating first class customer service are allowing the modern tenant to thrive.

Categories: Housing Recruitment

Organisations in almost every sector are dealing with economic uncertainty and digital transformation. For most, the complexion of the workforce is changing; employers are calling out for staff to fill critical roles – many related to digital capabilities – while other roles emerge, evolve and expire. Key to navigating this state of flux is Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) and Kate Parker gives her view on how to make this work in Personnel Today.

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