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Working in executive recruitment gives us a unique vantage point.  Our close involvement in such a diverse range of sectors enables us to offer interesting insights and asides.  The information contained in this part of our site is constantly updated.

7 Tips for Delivering a Great Interview

7 Tips for Delivering a Great Interview

Author: David Thomas Date: 14 Dec 2018 Type: Insight

So you are ready for your next leadership challenge in UK Manufacturing, and have honed your CV and covering letter. This has got you in the room, creating the opportunity to demonstrate your qualities and also assess whether this is the organisation for you.

Categories: Manufacturing & Engineering Recruitment

On Thursday 6th December Berwick Partners hosted a breakfast for senior finance leaders, tax specialists and their advisors around the topic of ‘What next for Britain – in light of Brexit’.

Categories: Finance Recruitment

Unfailing consumer experience is now the Holy Grail, but consumer journeys are becoming more fragmented than ever - can brands really afford to stop at a direct-to-consumer proposition? To build a stronger relationship with consumers through an ongoing dialogue, brands need to immerse themselves within consumers’ lives. This requires a lot more than finding a distribution centre and adding a shopping cart to the top right of our screens. Whilst technological advances are the life-blood of new, innovative brands, how can large and established businesses embrace and afford change quickly enough to retain their hard earned consumers?

Categories: Consumer & FMCG Recruitment

The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling

Author: Richard Guest Date: 05 Dec 2018 Type: Insight

One of the most pleasurable experiences as a parent is reading to your children. The ability for a compelling story to truly capture their imagination and command their undivided attention, as they listen to every word in complete silence and with utter concentration, is spell-binding. 

Categories: Procurement & Supply Chain Recruitment

Is the term ‘tuition fees’ misleading?

Is the term ‘tuition fees’ misleading?

Author: Clare Bromley Date: 29 Nov 2018 Type: Insight

Reports from the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) and the Public Accounts Committee have recently made headlines through highlighting how student fees are spent, with most publications stating that “less than half” of tuition fees are spent on, well, tuition.

Categories: Education Recruitment

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