Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. Your Career Vision for 2013

19 December 2012

The festive season offers a natural pause from the daily grind and an opportunity for reflection. How have I done this year? What should I achieve next year? How will I go about achieving those goals?

Often this is purely a theoretical exercise, forgotten about on the return to the fray in January. However why not make this year different? Why not articulate and document what you will try to achieve in the next twelve months? What are your aims for 2013 and what realistic steps can you take towards them? 

The level of publicity you give to these objectives is an individual choice, some choose to laminate and stick up on a wall, others announce to all and sundry, many keep their own counsel. All these techniques are valid, go with whichever is appropriate for you.

However, do set aside some time to keep track of progress regularly and then at Christmas 2013 when you ask yourself the question “How have I done this year?” You will “know” the answer.

“Alex Richardson is a Consultant in the IT Leadership – Technology Practice for Berwick Partners”


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