Act Don’t Regret…

15 October 2013

Recently I was reading a few interesting links around career motivators and leadership. A piece by my former colleague Michael Moran led me to an article by Daniel Gulati; the HBR HR Blogger; At the heart of this is the finding that 75% of workers have substantive career regrets. So what can we learn from this? Critically we must learn from our own regrets, and from the perspectives that others might offer us.

As the markets warm up there are inevitably going to be more opportunities for candidates to pursue. Going to market with a clear view of your motivators is critical. At the heart of any good career move is the fact that you are first and foremost joining a firm, not leaving a firm. Move and act positively, there is very little to be gained about worrying about something you didn’t do!


Matt Cockbill is a Partner and Head of Technology & EMI Practices for Berwick Partners.

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