Non-Executive Director - SCAPE - Competitive Remuneration - Circa 5 days per quarter

SCAPE is the UK’s leading public sector procurement authority, dedicated to creating spaces, places and experiences that leave a sustainable legacy within the community. Equally owned by Derbyshire County Council, Derby City Council, Gateshead Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham City Council and Warwickshire County Council in equal shares.

SCAPE is far more than just a procurement organisation. As a team we seek to “Create a world everyone deserves”. Our purpose drives every single one of our activities, services, and strategies.

This approach is borne from our local government heritage and is deeply rooted in our commitment to ensure that everyone that is involved in a procurement, gains from it.

By adopting this approach, we look to ensure that our clients, shareholders, delivery partners, their supply chain, social enterprises, and the wider community benefits from the outcomes derived from each SCAPE project.

This overarching commitment to improve project delivery, whilst enhancing the quality, value, client experience and environmental impact derived from a SCAPE project, sits at the heart of each of our strategies.

From the way we recruit and the behavioural standards we expect, through to the systematic approach we take to developing our capabilities, our processes, and our relationships, we strive to embed continuous improvement and high performance into every aspect of our organisation. This means we are able to make a promise to our clients; that we will deliver their essential projects to the highest possible standard.


The Role

SCAPE has evolved since its inception 15 years ago in 2006. We now offer a wide range of products and services that have naturally evolved into a group of companies, each unified under the SCAPE brand but operating with appropriate identities and individual business models.

Scape Group is managed by a Board of Directors of seven individuals. Six are nominated by the Shareholding authorities and the remainder is the Group Chief Executive (GCE) of Scape. 

The Shareholders approve the Group Plan and appoint the GCE. Each Shareholder has an appointee to represent them and all key Shareholder decisions have to be unanimous.

The GCE has delegated powers from the Shareholders, approved by the Board of Directors, to carry out day to day management of the Group, its Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries. In respect of these companies, the GCE’s powers have, in turn, been delegated to company members of staff, provided always that the GCE remains responsible for their actions.

The GCE is responsible and accountable for the delivery of the Group Plan.

As part of Scape Group’s regular governance reviews, the Board has recently agreed that now is the right time to bring in additional expertise, knowledge, and networks by adding independent Non-Executive experience to the Board at group level.


The Candidate

Scape are looking to recruit a person with right experience, knowledge, and abilities to make a difference to the SCAPE Team.

Our new NED would complement the Board’s existing experience, and provide additional specialist knowledge that would greatly benefit the group. 

We are open to the backgrounds of candidates and whilst we would welcome candidates from within the Construction and Development Sector we are also keen to consider individuals who would bring a different perspective from an alternative Industry Sector that could help our learning as an organisation, and who would bring a proven track record of providing strategic guidance and support.

We would expect the NED to be aligned to our vision and have the desire to add real value in the delivery of our Strategic Business Plans, Priorities and Objectives. 

This is at its core a strategic role and one which will provide independent advice that is in the best interest of the business.

The incoming NED will play a critical role in supporting the Executive team in horizon scanning, look at the bigger picture, and constructively challenging and supporting where appropriate our strategic direction and decision making. 

We would expect a suitable NED to enhance the Board by not only providing industry leading experience and knowledge, but also by being able to take a more objective view of issues affecting the business now, or potentially in the future.

They will be able to provide valuable insight, challenge, and support in terms of problem solving, and offer a wider sense of the possibilities for growth. As an excellent communicator, they will have the ability to influence and debate the pros and cons of certain situations, acting as a respected voice both within Board and SCAPE ELT.

We are keen to attract a NED who will be excited at the opportunity to join SCAPE at an exciting time on the organisations journey. 


For an informal and confidential discussion, please speak with our advisors at Berwick Partners:

Marek Dobrowolski


D:      0121 654 5975

M:      07793529576

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