Healthcare Recruitment

Berwick Partners’ Healthcare Practice is one of the leading healthcare recruitment firms for senior professionals across both private healthcare and the NHS. We work with an enormous range of healthcare service providers, research and development organisations and charities to help appoint outstanding individuals across all of their senior functions.

From finance to commissioners to clinical appointments, our healthcare recruitment networks are second to none. We have a strong track record providing outstanding recruitment processes to acute trusts, not for profit service providers and private sector health organisations. Our services are efficient, personal and above all yield results in terms of attracting talent.

Healthcare recruitment in the UK today

Now is clearly a time of huge change within health. The commissioning infrastructure is shifting and the market for provision is altering dramatically. The extent to which providers can model their services to meet the needs of new commissioning bodies will be critical. Although the landscape may be different, the demand for skills still exists and the need for exceptional healthcare recruitment has never been greater.

The calibre of leadership within the NHS and associated organisations within the sector will be vital in delivering the efficiency and quality that is required going forward. The ability to deliver better outcomes within a shifting environment is a big ask and it requires the best people to do it. As a leading firm in senior NHS recruitment, Berwick Partners has a keen understanding of these dynamics. We comprehend the need for robust and transparent processes in order to ensure that individuals are appointed with integrity, and equally we appreciate the challenges of attracting the very best. We have a longstanding reputation for delivering results in the health sector and it is something that we are passionate about. We are always ready to respond flexibly and sensitively to the needs of our clients, bringing enthusiasm, knowledge and drive as part of our approach to providing outstanding services.

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Helen Childs

Helen is a Consultant in the Healthcare Practice based in London, she focuses on mid-level Executive roles across the UK.

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Aemilia Lovatt

Aemilia Lovatt is a Consultant specialising in medical and non-medical appointments in Private Healthcare providers.

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Corrine Watson

Corrine is a Consultant specialising in clinical appointments in the NHS

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Jade Goodman

Jade is an Associate Consultant, specialising in Mental Health

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Why Choose us?

Recruitment at all levels is an increasingly difficult task; selecting the correct partner is critical. Berwick Partners has a long heritage and a reputation for helping our clients to get these decisions right. The reasons are simple:

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